Save energy through heat recovery

Thermal energy is expensive. And that is why the Kablitz heat exchanger is the best solution since 1901 for efficient utilisation of the residual heat in flue gas right to the dew point limit.

Depending on the application, saving potentials of up to 10% of the gross output are possible. Moreover, Kablitz heat exchangers are characterised by high availability with low contamination and corrosion

Advantages of the Kablitz heat exchanger:

  • Small design and minimal loss of radiation through high heating surface concentration

  • Self-supporting structure on a base frame allows free expansion in all dimensions

  • Bearing additional load of up to 10% of its own weight without additional steel structure is possible

  • No moving parts, i.e. no additional energy requirement and no maintenance costs
  • Varied application and switching options by means of a standardised modular system

  • Short assembly times through workshop assembly into pre-mounted modules