Cast iron gilled heat exchangers

For gaseous mediums like:

  • Hydrogen

  • Natural gas

  • Oxygen

  • Air

  • Waste gases from combustion processes
    (heating oil S, heating oil L, diesel, flue gases from biomass combustion)

The Kablitz gilled heat exchanger for gaseous mediums is a multi-purpose design made of high-quality cast iron. The tried-and-tested design, arrangement and dimensioning of the gilled heating surface guarantee high heat transfer with maximum heating surface concentration of up to 68 m²/m³ and low space requirement. Thanks to the self-supporting structure, an extremely varied range of arrangements is possible which is always economical due to the standardised gilled plates and the modular system. Moreover, the Kablitz gilled heat exchanger has a long life due to the good corrosion resistance of the cast iron without any significant maintenance work. The cleaning takes place automatically through soot blowers or water washing rakes.

Section of a gilled plate which shows the alternating concave and convex gill design.

Since 1921, gilled heat exchangers belong to the scope of delivery of Richard Kablitz GmbH.

he gas or air flow is constantly divided over the entire heating surface from gill to gill, wherein the boundary layers continuously switch to the centre of the track. Thus, the local undercooling and thus the contamination and corrosion of the heating surface are prevented to a great extent.

Advantages of using cast iron:

  • High resistance against corrosion
  • Erosion-resistant
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • High pressure resistance
  • High elasticity

Scope of application of the Kablitz heat exchanger

The individual gill plates are screwed on to bags and these in turn to blocks. A sealing is located between each bag. Every heat exchanger is designed to meet the requirements.

Gill plate assembly

Section of a bag
(2 gill plates)

Max. perm. operating temperatures
Heating medium: 680 °C
Heat absorbing medium: 480 °C

Installed heat exchanger with lateral air inlet channel.